Pre-bonding prophylaxis systems for the reduction of the detachment of brackets and attachments during orthodontic therapy

by Butera Andrea

The multidisciplinary approach in the management of the orthodontic patient nowadays allows a proactive and minimally invasive action for the maintenance of dental and periodontal tissues. Therefore, the dental hygienist assumes the pivotal role in guaranteeing a constant state of eubiosis during all phases of therapy as well as in maintaining an optimal state of the tissues involved. In the various phases of the treatment it is essential to guarantee a state of integrity of the dental enamel and to have an optimal remineralizing approach so as not to affect the adhesion of both the brackets and the attachments in the bonding phase, so during the relationship we will focus on everyone prophylaxis systems that guarantee an optimal bond to avoid an interruption of therapy given by the decementation of the attacks themselves in order to draw up a timing for the suspension and / or intake of the various active ingredients and to draw up a work flow in the pre, during and post orthodontic treatment in line with the studies carried out and based on the guidelines already present in the literature.

Learning Objectives

After this lecture, you will be able to manage the various stages of orthodontic treatment
After this lecture, you will be able to choose the appropriate pre-boding prophylaxis systems
After this lecture, you will be able to ensure the integrity of hard and soft tissues in order to reduce the incidence of injuries.